Featured artists @ TGE 2018


Say Sue Me

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Say Sue Me is a surf-inspired indie-rock/pop quartet from Busan, Korea. Friends since 5th grade Jaeyoung Ha (Bass) and Byungkyu Kim(Guitar) met ex-drummer Semin Kang at high school and played in bands together until the winter of 2012. One day they were drinking tea at a tea shop in Nampo-dong, and Sumi Choi (Vocal) arrived. They liked her speaking voice and immediately offered her a spot as the vocalist in a new band that would later become Say Sue Me. Sumi turned out to be a natural at songwriting. The addition of new member, Changwon Kim (Drummer) in early 2017 heralded a new lease of life for the band. 





Images that ADOY’s music implies are rather dreamy, upbeat, and intuitive -summer, ocean waves, surfing, running, a night walk, a cold beer, cigarettes, a good chat with friends. Then, some thoughts beneath the surface - dreams, reminiscence, future, and lonesomeness - blend in to the core. With their first EP [CATNIP] (2017) receiving critical acclaim for the well-polished and distinctive sound, ADOY has been performing on major stages including Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival, EBS SPACE, and NAVER Onstage. Currently, ADOY is working on their second EP, which will be released in May 2018.



3rd Line Butterfly

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Introspective post-modern rock striped with moody guitars and smoky vocals, 3rd Line Butterfly is a trio that sublimely soars with velvety sounds from the Korean underground. This legendary Korean rock band have excelled in the art of reinventing themselves every time they release something. What’s particularly thrilling about the band’s evolution is that you can hear their pure joy of discovery and risk-taking in each of their new releases. They won numerous awards including Album of the Year 2013 and their new album were nominated for Best modern rock album of the year 2018 at Korean Music Awards.


Billy Carter

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Billy Carter started in 2011 by Jiwon Kim (vocals) and Jina Kim (guitar) and took its current rock trio form when Hyunjoon Lee (drums) joined in 2014. Billy Carter released their first untitled EP, called “The Red,” which was nominated for three 2015 Korean Music Awards: Rookie of the Year, Best Rock Music, and Best Rock Album. In 2016, Billy Carter released their second untitled EP, an acoustic album referred to as “The Yellow,” and their first full length album, "Here I Am”. Since then, they have toured heavily throughout South Korea, with appearances on TV shows & music festivals. They also completed their first international tour in Europe, which included playing at Primavera Pro Festival in Spain. In December 2017 Billy carter released a further 2 EPs that are filled with powerful, dark, and beautiful songs that address some of the most difficult and intimate experiences of life.