Featured artists @ Reeperbahn 2017



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Idiotape’s infectious soundscape of thunderous drums and pulsating synths has entranced a strong base of fans, launching the idiosyncratic triad to multiple international music festival lineups, including Glastonbury and SXSW. Boasting forward-thinking, dramatic reinterpretations of Korean 60s/70s rock music along with their dizzying live performances, Idiotape is quickly emerging as one of the most influential and iconic electronic acts of South Korea.





The charismatic blues band iamnot-- composed of music maestros Lim Heon Il, Yang Si On and Kim Junho-- released its long-awaited LP titled Hope and delivered one of the most exciting Korean indie albums of 20117. Their well-crafted effort of elegant rock instrumentals with soaring melodic ascent, synths and strong vocals show that the trio still has their best days yet to come.



Raw By Peppers


Through their tender croons over emotionally rich, dreamy and atmospheric sounds, the three-member indie rock band Raw By Peppers offer a hypnotic musical experience of the space and universe. The group’s arresting new release, Cosmos, captivated a large following in the underground indie music scene in Korea and serves as a testament to their soon-to- come international fame.




Only a year into her burgeoning music career, CIFIKA is already on the cusp of full-blown stardom. The visionary, electronic-pop female vocalist and composer’s latest output, Intelligentsia, was released to wide critical acclaim and spotlighted from various international media outlets such as Noisey and Dazed. With her seductive, effervescent falsetto over deeply stylish production, she sucks her listeners into an immediate state of musical euphoria.